Going out in Rotterdam? The nightlife of Rotterdam is varied and she is in full development. Unlike many other Dutch cities, the nightlife spots scattered throughout city neighborhoods, often outside the city center. We help you out to find the best Rotterdam restaurants, or to enjoy a drink at one of Rotterdam’s lively pubs and bars.

Restaurants in Rotterdam

Katendrecht restaurant

Best restaurants
What are the best restaurants in Rotterdam? Here is a “best of selection” of restaurants from high-end and Michelin starred to budget-busters and family restaurants.


Michelin-starred restaurants
Rotterdam has seven Michelin-starred restaurants, three restaurants with two stars and four restaurants with one star. For a meal to remember, here you can find all Michelin-starred restaurants in Rotterdam.

Bars and pubs in Rotterdam


Best bars and pubs
Find the right drinking spot with our guide to the best bars and pubs in Rotterdam.

Dudok 300x200

Grand cafés
Rotterdam has a variety grand cafés in different neighborhoods. Inspiring pubs to read a newspaper, have lunch, dinner or just have a drink.


Wine bars
This is your guide to the best wine bars in Rotterdam with outstanding wine lists, from stylish wine bars to vino taverns.

Cocktailbar Rotterdam

Cocktail bars
There are plenty of cocktail bars and trendy clubs in Rotterdam offering a large choice of cocktails, from the classics to unusual concoctions dreamt up by local mixologists.

Eat and drink outside and Coffee bars Rotterdam

Terras Oude Haven

Eat and drink outside
Rotterdam has plenty cafés, bars and restaurants where you can eat and drink outside. Terraces, beer gardens, rooftop bars and riverside dining. Here’s our outdoor guide.

Koffie drinken Rotterdam Hopper

Best coffee bars
Rotterdam coffee shops are regularly voted as best in the Netherlands. Visit the best coffee spots in Rotterdam and judge for yourself.

Going out with kids in Rotterdam

Seth poffertjes 300x200

Pancake restaurants
Eating out pancakes with kids is fun. These Rotterdam restaurants specialise in delicious pancakes or crepes. From chocolate and banana to cheese and spinach, there are endless combinations to try.

venezia-ijssalon 300

Best ice cream shops
Where do you get the best ice cream in Rotterdam ? Where do you find artisanal ice cream made without chemical additives, dyes and preservatives. Here you can find the best ice cream shops in Rotterdam.