Festivals and Events Rotterdam 2021

Rotterdam is one of the best festival cities in the world and chosen several times as best festival city of Europe via IFEA World Festival & Event City. Find the best festivals and events of Rotterdam in our festival calendar  Stay informed, get inspired and find your favorite Rotterdam festival!

May 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

5 May 

Bevrijdingsfestival Rotterdam 300

Liberation Festival
Bevrijdingsdag is held in De Park. The program includes live music, performances, debates and many other activities. 

18 till 22 May 

Rotterdamse dakendagen

Eurovision Songfestival
Rotterdam is host of the Eurovision Songfestival again. Theme of the festival is ‘Open Up’. There are 2 semi-finals; final at Saturdays. Location: Ahoy.  

9 May (not confirmed)


KLM Urban Trail
Fourth edition of KLM Urban Trail. In 2019 the route goes through Kop van Zuid. You can choose between circuits of 6 km or 11 km.

13 till 16 May (not confirmed)


Dag van de Wederopbouw
The reconstruction of Rotterdam is celebrated.  

20 till 30 May (not confirmed)


Opera Dagen
Held on several locations in town, ‘Opera Days’ includes more than 100 performances. 

21 May till 13 June 


Architecture Month Rotterdam
Rotterdam Architecture Month includes several architecture events like ‘Rotterdamse Dagendagen’ and ‘Dag van de Architectuur’. 

22 May (not confirmed)


Toffler is the technofestival of Rotterdam held in the Roel Langerakpark.

21 – 23 May (not confirmed)


Rotterdams Open Doek Festival
The best short films, masterclasses, talkshows and more. LantarenVenster at the Kop van Zuid, 4th edition.  

29 – 31 May (not confirmed)


Ronde van Katendrecht
Experience the legendary Dutch cycle culture in historical Katendrecht with the ‘Tour of Katendrecht’.

29 – 30 May (not confirmed) 


Verborgen Tuinen 
Around 60 gardens situated at the right side of the river Maas will be opened for the public. Experience the surprising green side of Rotterdam!

June 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

30 May till 14 June 16 (not confirmed) 

KPN gebouw

Architectuurmaand Rotterdam
Rotterdam Architecture Month includes several architecture events like ‘Rotterdamse Dagendagen’ and ‘Dag van de Architectuur’.

6 June (not confirmed) 


Cider Festival
The Cider Festival in the Fenix Food Factory is a great opportunity to taste cider and meet the cider makers. 

6  – 7 June (not confirmed)

Rotterdamse dakendagen

Rotterdamse Dakendagen
During the weekend you can experience Rotterdam from more than 55 roofs based on special buildings.

6 – 7 June (not confirmed) 


RYPP Wijnfestival 
Third edition of the RYPP Whine Festival is held this time at Drijvend Paviljoen

5 – 7 June (not confirmed)


Werelds Delfshaven
The eleventh edition of Wereldse Delfshaven at the Coolhavenkade will bring a diverse offer of cultural activities from multicultural neighbourhood Delfshaven.

5 – 7 June (not confirmed) 


Rrrollend Festival
In June 2019 this foodtruckfestival is held in Museumpark. 

5 June (not confirmed) 


Boothstock Festival
The best of house, techno, R&B and hiphop at several stages in Kralingse Bos.

3 – 6 June (not confirmed) 


Poetry International Festival
Expect poetry from all corners of the world during de 49th edition of the Poetry International Festival. Central location: De Doelen.

12 – 13 June (not confirmed) 


Dag van de Architectuur
During  ‘Day of the Architecture’ many architectural  icons open their doors for the public.

17 June – 4 July (not confirmed)


Midzomerfestival Kralingen
During two weeks you can enjoy art, poetry, music, dance and theatre in the most lovely spots of Kralingen

18 June (not confirmed) 


Pilgrim Harbour
Several international musicians in the oldest part of Rotterdam: Delfshaven. 

18 – 20 June (not confirmed) 


Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
A three-day Bluegrass festival that has developed into a renowned international festival. Bluegrass Festival is held in the neighbourhood Oude Noorden.

18 – 26 June (not confirmed) 

De Parade Rotterdam

De Parade
The traveling theater festival ‘De Parade’ starts each year in Rotterdam. The venue is the Museumpark.

19 June (not confirmed) 


Flamenco Festival Rotterdam
The best Spanish festival of Rotterdam: Flamenco Festival Rotterdam. 

June 24 till July 10 (not confirmed) 

North sea jazz round town

North Sea Jazz Round Town
North Sea Round Town, a warmup for the famous North Sea Jazz Festival, presents more than 200 concerts all over town. Most of them free. 

June 25 till June 27 (not confirmed) 


Jazzfestival Hillegersberg
For three days there’ll be jazz in the heart of the chic neighbourhood Hillegersberg. 

July 2021 – Events calendar Rotterdam

2 – 4 July (not confirmed) 


Fourth edition of this culinary festival in the Kralingse Bos. You can expect cooking studios, art, culture and music.

4 July – 8 August (not confirmed)


Kunsthal Live op Zondag
In the Museumpark you can enjoy art, music and food and drinks. 

4 July (not confirmed) 


Ronde van Kralingen
Sports and cosiness in the neighbourhood Kralingen.  

29 June – 11 July (not confirmed)

North sea jazz round town

North Sea Jazz Round Town
North Sea Round Town presents over 200 concerts on 100 locations. You can expect free concerts and exhibitions. Warm up for the famous North Sea Jazz.

9 – 11 July (not confirmed)


North Sea Jazz 
Again Ahoy Rotterdam is the place to be for jazz fans from all over the world. North Sea Jazz presents a very impressive international line-up with all kind of genres.

3 July (not confirmed) 


Expedition Festival
Growing dance festival with house and electronic music. Fifth edition, this time held in the Kralingse Bos. 

18 July (not confirmed)  


Open Day Feyenoord
Every year people from all corners of the Netherlands visit the Open Day of Feyenoord in the wonderful Feyenoord Stadium. 

15 July (not confirmed)  


Eendrachtsfestival shows all the talent of Rotterdam. On and around the Eendrachtsplein.   

14 – 25 July (not confirmed) 


Roffa Mon Amour
An open-air film festival in a beautiful city landscape representing new international cineasts. 

16 July – 30 July (not confirmed)


Dâk is back at Westblaak. 

20 – 24 July (not confirmed) 


Rotterdam Unlimited  
Rotterdam Unlimited is the biggest street festival of Europe. The tropical Summer Carnaval is the main event and attracts a huge crowd. 

25 July (not confirmed)  


Reggae Rotterdam
Fourth edition of Reggae Rotterdam. National and international reggae names in the Kralingse Bos.

August 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

4 – 22 August (not confirmed)


Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam
A great Rotterdam tradition, the Pleinbioscoop. Watch movies in the open air for free.

5 – 8 August (not confirmed)


De Geheime Tuin
The Secret Garden is a festival of poetry, food, yoga, live music, a silent disco and much more. Every year a new hidden location. 

6 – 7 August (not confirmed)


 Bierfestival Hop 
Expect a true beer fest. Location: Wijkpark het Oude Westen. Celebrating life with craft beer.

7 August 


Blijdorp Festival
The Blijdorp Festival is about art, culture, music and cheerfulness. Check out the line-up and tickets. 

7 – 8 August 


Ketels aan de Kade
Experience the Dutch history in the beautiful setting of Delfshaven

17 August 2019


Rotterdam Rave Festival
Rotterdam Rave Festival is a technofestival held on the RDM grounds of Heijplaat. From 13:00 till 23:00 hour. Afterparty Maassilo.   

23 – 25 August 11 2019

Dag van de romantische muziek 300

Dag van de Romantische Muziek
The charming ‘Day of the Romantic Music’ is on of the oldest festivals of Rotterdam. Enjoy concerts, sitting on the grass in a romantic setting. Location: Het Park

21 August (not confirmed)


Vrije Volk Festival
This free minded festival takes place in the Vroesenpark from 13:00 till 23:00 hour.

28 August (not confirmed) 


Waterfestival Rotte
A bunch of water activities between the Zwaanshalskade and the Crooswijksebocht.

September 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

4 – 5 September (not confirmed)

Havendagen 2014

The ‘World Harbour Days’ are an unique opportunity to discover the famous Port of Rotterdam, the biggest harbour in Europe.

5 September (not confirmed)

Nacht van de Kaap sfeer

Nacht van de Kaap
The Nacht van de Kaap goes back in the history when Katendrecht was a sailor’s neighbourhood and a well-known red light district worldwide. You can expect foodtrucks, theater and musical performances. Entrance 20 euro.

12 September (not confirmed) 


Baroeg Open Air
A free music festival in the Zuiderpark with heavy underground music including rock, metal and punk. Eleventh edition; from 12:00 hour.

12 – 13 September (not confirmed)


On ‘Monuments Day’ you can visit several interesting monuments that are normally not accessible for public. Theme 2019: Places of pleasure. 

20 September (not confirmed) 


Harbour Tour
Cycling trough unique areas in the great Port of Rotterdam. You can opt for 70, 100 and 135 km.

24 – 26 September (not confirmed)


Camera Japan Festival
Thirteenth edition of Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam. More than 40 films, varying from arthouse drama and comedy to horror and anime..

October 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

3 October (not confirmed)


A Festival Downtown
This festival is all about electronic music. Around Nieuwe Binnenweg.

4 October  (not confirmed)


Harbour Run 
With this unique obstacle run you go right through the Rotterdam harbour.

7 – 11 October (not confirmed)


The Architecture Film Festival shows films and documentaries from at home and abroad. Location LantarenVenster.

10 October (not confirmed)


Geen Daden Maar Woorden Festival
Literary and poetry talent at this ‘no deeds but words festival’.

16 – 17 October  (not confirmed)


Left of the Dial
Around 50 bands play at 6 locations around Eendrachtsplein and Nieuwe Binnenweg. First edition.

23 – 24 October (not confirmed)


Festival Jazz International
LantarenVenster is de scene of the Festival Jazz International. 

28 October – 1 November (not confirmed)


The Wildlife Film Festival is presenting a fine selection of national and international nature films. Third edition; location Cinerama Rotterdam.

November 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

31 October till 8 November (not confirmed)


Rotterdamse Popweek
A chain of pop activities spread over town during 10 days. Rotterdamse Popweek include several festivals. 

31 October (not confirmed)


Popronde Rotterdam
Traveling music festival that brings the best Dutch pop artists to Rotterdam. Part of Rotterdamse Popweek.

11-15 November (not confirmed)


Cross Comix Festival
Let’s get visual. Immerse yourself in the world of comix, visual story telling, comedy and cross-pollination. The Cross Comix Festival will surprise!

14 November (not confirmed)


Sinterklaas Entry
Sinterklaas lands again in Rotterdam. The spectacle for kids will start at 12:30 hour at the Willemsplein and will end at the Grote Kerkplein.

21 November (not confirmed)  


Toffler Indoor Festival
Toffler Indoor Festival is held at an unique location in the harbour: the Onderzeeloods. 

25-28 November (not confirmed)


REC Festival
Electronic music festival with lots of techno, dance and hiphop. Annabel forms heart of the festival. Third edition

December 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

29 November (not confirmed)


Blijdorp Winter Festival
Blijdorp Winter Festival is a house, techno and hiphop festival in Rotterdam. The festival is held in the famous Van Nelle Fabriek.

6 December (not confirmed) 

Marathon Rotterdam erasmusbrug

Thirty first edition of the traditional ‘winter bridge walk’.  

14 December – 12 January (not confirmed)


IJsvrij Park Festival
For the third time the IJsvrij Park Festival is organized. This time you can skate at Plein 1940 in the middle of the centre.  

31 December 2021

Nieuwjaarsnacht Rotterdam 300x200

National New Years Night
The most spectacular firework of the Netherlands can be watched in Rotterdam. The National New Year’s Eve is held at the Erasmus Bridge. 

January 2021 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

January 1 – January 10 (not confirmed)


IJsvrij Festival
Third edition of the IJsvrij Festival, this time held at Plein 1940 in the middle of the centre. Expect skating, chocolate milk, silent disco, Swedish hotdogs and more.

January 20 – January 31 (not confirmed)


Film Festival Rotterdam
Biggest filmfestival of the Netherlands that is offering a wide range of smaller films from all corners of the world. Great international atmosphere with lots of charming events and parties.

January 27 – February 2 (not confirmed)

Chinees Nieuwjaar

Chinese New Year 
The West-Kruiskade forms the centre of the Chinese New Year in Rotterdam on Saturday. Great happening in Rotterdam that has the biggest Chinese population of the Netherlands.

February 2021 – Events Calender Rotterdam

January 30 – January 31 (not confirmed)

iffr logo

Film Festival Rotterdam
The last week of the International Film Festival Rotterdam is offering many charming events and parties including the Closing Party.  

February 5 – February 9 (not confirmed)

Van Nellefabriek 1 (Robert Aarts)

Art Rotterdam Week
Prominent art fairs, exhibitions, pop-ups and much more during Art Rotterdam Week.  Free shuttle buses between the several location, like Van Nelle Factory, 4havengebied and Kop van Zuid.

February 6 – February 9  (not confirmed)


Art Rotterdam
Largest Dutch fair for contemporary art held in the iconic Van Nelle Factory. Art Rotterdam is part of the Art Rotterdam Week.

February 11 – February 14 (not confirmed)


Rotterdam Photo
Part of the Art Rotterdam Week Rotterdam Photo celebrates the wide spectrum of photography. You can also expect music, foodtrucks and workshops. Location Deliplein. Fifth edition. Entrance 10 euro. 

February 12 – February 14  (not confirmed)


OBJECT Rotterdam
OBJECT Rotterdam presents a versatile share of design, art, fashion and architecture. The design fair is held in the HAKA building at the Vierhavenstraat. Festival Object forms part of the Art Rotterdam Week.

February 8 – February 14  (not confirmed)

Event World Tennis Tournament Rotterdam

World Tennis Tournament
The ABN World Tennis Tournament is one of the biggest indoor tennis tournaments worldwide, held in Ahoy Rotterdam since 1973. The tennis tournament attracts more than 122.000 visitors. 

March 2022 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

March 6  


Dozens of museums and cultural institutions open their doors to the public during Museumnight010 from 20:00 hour till 01:00 hour and with one ticket (17,50 eur) you get acces to all those spots.

April 2022 – Events Calendar Rotterdam

10 – 11 April (not confirmed)

Marathon Rotterdam erasmusbrug

Marathon Rotterdam
On Sunday is held the 38th edition of the largest and liveliest sport event of the Netherlands. Great atmosphere. 

14 – 18 April (not confirmed)


The Sport Film Festival presents films and documentaries and receives prominent sport figures. The fourth edition takes places in LantarenVenster. 

15 – 17 April (not confirmed)


Motel Mozaïque
Spread around several locations in town you can expect pop, theater, performances and visual arts.

27 April (not confirmed) 

Kralingsebos festival Koningsdag Rotterdam 300

Kralingse Bos Festival
Largest festival on Kings Day. On several stages you can expect a wide range of musical styles. 

27 April (not confirmed) 

Koningsdag vrijmarkt Rotterdam

Kings Day
The national holiday Kings Day (the birth of King Willem-Alexander) is celebrated in Rotterdam with several markets, music festivals and several other activities. Well-known markets can be found around Coolsingel, Witte de Withstraat and Nieuwe Binnenweg.