Check out the best cocktail bars and cocktail scene in Rotterdam by using this cocktail list below.

Hugh Rotterdam
Kruiskade 15
Trendy cocktail club located in the Hilton Rotterdam. Nice cocktails and generous gin tonics.

Eendrachtsweg 29b

The new cocktail bar Stirr is located on two floors in an old building in the centre of Rotterdam. A beautiful open bar, original lamps and a raw but cozy atmosphere.

Noah cocktailbar

Wijnhaven 3

Noah was in 2016 chosen as the best cocktail bar in the Netherlands. The trendy bar in the Oude Haven (Old Harbour) also serves haute cuisine street food. On Fridays there is a free club night.

Suicide club rotterdam

The Suicide Club
Stationsplein 45
The location is already well: on the roof of the Groothandelsgebouw near Central Station. The club, bar and restaurant have classy style. You must be a member to get in, but that is fixed easily via their website.