As number one architecture city of the Netherlands you can expect a wide range of modern architecture in Rotterdam. Thanks to the diverse offer of architectural styles of several acclaimed architects together with the building spirit of Rotterdam.

Erasmusbrug avond 180510 300x208

Erasmus Bridge (Ben van Berkel, 1996)
Walk across the most photographed bridge of the Netherlands and enjoy the wide river and surrounding  architecture. De 139 metre high Erasmusbrug is the symbol of  Rotterdam. It connects the Rotterdam centre with the new area Kop van Zuid.

Markthal impressie 1 300

Markthal (MVRDV, 2014)
In no time the Markthal was the draw of Rotterdam. De hypermodern Markthal was constructed beside the Central Market at the Binnenrotte, a former river. The design in the form of a hangar is by the acclaimed architects from MVRDV. Besides the covered market there are apartments, food places and restaurants in the complex amongst others, unique in the world.

Kubuswoningen 600x450

Cube Houses (Piet Blom, 1984)
The Cube Houses still is a striking attraction in the centre of  Rotterdam. De 38 cube houses form together  a ‘forest’ across the street Blaak. One of the cube houses are free to the public for a small fee.

De Rotterdam terras

De Rotterdam (OMA – Rem Koolhaas, 2013)
On the Wilhelminapier at the feed of the Erasmusbrug you find the huge De Rotterdam.  Architect Rem Koolhaas described the building as a vertical city in which living, working and entertainment should come together for 24 hours a day.

Kunsthal Rotterdam 300x225

Kunsthal (OMA – Rem Koolhaas, 1992)
A very special building for many architecture lovers. The Kunsthal was actually one of the first buildings that gave Rem Koolhaas the opportunity to realize his ideas. For that reasons many visitors from all over the world come to Rotterdam to this experimental design. The Kunsthal, a museum with temporary exhibitions, can be found in the Museumpark, also created by Koolhaas.

Centraal Station Rotterdam 800x470

Rotterdam Central Station (2014)
The Rotterdam Central Station is a true architectural masterpiece. The construction, including the Central Station district, would take 9 years in a row. The most important travellers hub is a great entrance to the city Rotterdam.

Het Nieuwe Instituut 300x225

Het Nieuwe Instituut (Jo Coenen, 1993)
The Dutch Architecture Institute has several functions: a museum, archives, a library and a cultural podium. The lengthy building forms a buffer between the quiet Museumpark and the busy town. Architect Jo Coenen won the contest with his design from favorite Rem Koolhaas.

KPN gebouw

KPN building (Renzo Piano, 2000)
The Italian architect architect Renzo Piano, one of the designers of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, designed for telecom compay KPN a 98 metre high building. The KPN building has a  a bevelled front that communicates with the cables of the Erasmus bridge.