For art in Rotterdam you don’t have to visit a museum in Rotterdam. Many works of art can just be found in the open space. For example the oldest statue in the Netherlands of Erasmus from Hendrik de Keyzer that dates from 1622. Or visit the modern sculptures as Santa Claus (alias gnome Buttplug) from Paul McCarty and Cascade van Joep van Lieshout.

Several artworks can be found on the Beeldenroute on de Westersingel that forms part of the so called ‘Culturele As’ in Rotterdam. On the ‘sculpture terrace’ you can enjoy works of international artists like ‘Het afscheid’ (the departure) from Umberto Mastroianni en ‘L’homme Qui Marche’ from Auguste Rodin.

Famous work of arts in Rotterdam

Standbeeld Erasmus

Statue of Erasmus
Hendrick de Keyser

Oldest statue in the Netherlands (1622) from philosopher Desiderius Erasmus born in Rotterdam.

Standbeeld de verwoeste stad Ossip zadkine

De Verwoeste Stad
Ossip Zadkine
Plein 1940

Famous work of art in commemoration of the bombardment of Rotterdam in the Second World War that destroyed the centre of Rotterdam.

Standbeeld Cascade Atelier van Lieshout

Joep van Lieshout

The artwork of Rotterdam artist Joep van Lieshout consists of a tower of 18 barrels of oils that represent the ‘struggle for life’.

Santa Claus Kabouter Buttplug

Santa Claus
Paul McCarty

The notorious statue is called gnome Buttplug. Santa Claus is standing on the Eendrachtsplein since 2008.

Standbeeld Seated Woman Willem de Kooning

Seated Woman
Willem de Kooning

A sculpture byRotterdam’s most famous artist, Willem de Kooning, .

Standbeeld Sylvette Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso and Carl Nesjar

Picasso’s sculpture which he designed with Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar.

Standbeel L'hommes Rodin

L’homme qui marche
Auguste Rodin

This sculpture from the well-known French sculptor August Rodin that can be on the beeldenroute (sculpture route) in the Westersingel.

Standbeeld het afscheid

Het afscheid

The sculpture of the Italian artist Umberto Mastroiani in the Beeldenroute.

Standbeeld De Nieuwe Delftse Poort Cor Kraat

Nieuwe Delftse Poort
Cor Kraat

This work of arts represents the Delftse Poort, the old gateway that was destroyed during the bombardment  in May 1940.