Maritiemmuseum Professor Plons

Nice indoor activities for children in Rotterdam on a rainy day. Check out unique experiences for the whole family in Rotterdam!

Railz miniworld kids 300x194

The largest miniworld in the Benelux. Experience polder landscapes alternated with Rotterdam and its harbour.

Plaswijckpark 300

This endless playground  also has a indoor part,  1600 square metres.

Ballenbak 400

De Ballenbak
In playground paradise De Ballenbak you can play 7 days in the week on several climing frames. Parents don’t pay entrance. Nice for childeren from 5 till 12 years.

Ontdekhoek Rotterdam

The Ontdekhoek is a large workshop where boys and girls from 4 till 14 years can do more than experiments.


Indoor skateboard park and BMX-inlinepark for experienced and less experiences skaters.

Stadion Feijenoord 300x225

Guided Tour Feyenoord Stadium
Experience the unique atmosphere of the Feyenoord Stadium and learn everything about Feyenoord.

Maritiemmuseum Professor Plons

Maritiem museum
This maritime museum shows many  models of boats. Especially for children there is ‘Professor Plons’. Fun for childeren from 4 till 12 years that will learn everything about the huge Rotterdam Port.

Villa Zebra kids

Villa Zebra
Exhibitions with visual arts for children from 3 till 12 years. The exhibitions can be visited on a interactive way. Furthermore,  workshops can be attended.


Clamber, spring, climb, slide and more in this indoor playground.

Jump XL

Jump XL
A spectacular trampoline park with the latest trends, a true jump mekka. For childeren from 8 years.