terrassen Oude Haven

The characteristic and historic Oude Haven (Old Harbour) attracts many tourists and students. In the summer the Oude Haven is one of the most popular areas for a terrace.  Most bars and terraces are situated in front of the iconic Witte Huis that has great views over the Oude Haven. During the summer evenings the Oude Haven really comes alive when the terraces are crowded with people.

History Oude Haven

The Oude Haven is one of the oldest harbours of Rotterdam. Probably the first  jetty was established here around 1350. About 1900 the Port of Rotterdam was largely based around the Oude Haven and the Boompjes at the river. The area was completely destroyed as a result of of the bombardment of May 1940 and only a few buildings here actually did survive.

Sights Oude Haven

The Oude Haven is in the first place an attractive inner harbour for a stroll or a terrace. The Oude Haven also has some special attration. In this area you can find for example the first skyscraper of Europa: the Witte Huis. In the surrounding of the Oude Haven there can be found one of the main attractions of Rotterdam: the Cube Houses and the Markthal. Also check out the new Gelderseplein and the interesting Navy Museum.

Transport to Oude Haven

The Oude Haven is very close to the Markthal and Station Blaak. At Station Blaak you can opt for trains, trams and metro. Parking can be found in the neighbourhood at Burgemeester van Walsumweg.